The character played by Leiana Y. in Detention Club. Also known as  A.


Angie, or A, as she likes to be called, is a rambunctious teenager that does as she pleases when she pleases. She doesn't have many friends due to her intense perspective on life and dangerous behavior. She dislikes everyone but has a special place in her heart for hating do-gooders and those high in the social hierarchy. 

She likes being mysterious, and is known for often skipping class. She goes by A likely because she wants to be as cryptic as possible.

General Facts-

Name in Film: Angie (A)

Relations in Film: None

Age in Film: 16 (Softmore in High School)

Status at End: Still bitter


  • Leiana was allowed to keep the shirt worn for this role.
  • The infamous line Maybe you should learn to keep your legs shut. was improvised.