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Bindy's Mind

Bindy Hawthorne is a reoccurring character in the film universe of the Fabulous Four. She made her first named appearance in Bindy the Intern. It was later revealed by the creators that every other character portrayed by her actress in prior and latter films (Grace E.) was the same character under a different guise.


In Bindy the Intern, Bindy is a naive young girl who lets others push her around in the hope her patience will be paid in full in the future. She is full of energy and optimism, and firmly believes in perserverance.

Throughout the film, Bindy's inherent values are put on trial by those around her. She ends up lashing out, revealing a more assertive and aggressive of her never before seen. Or could this stem from a hidden past?

For more information on Bindy's character at other times in her life, see Granny Smith and Michelle.

General Facts-

Name in Film: Bindy

Age in Film: 18

Relations in Film: None

Status At End: Fired


  • This film marks the first time Bindy's character is fully introduced. This is also the only fim in which she is the main character, and her name is also part of the title.