Throughout the movie verse, there exists only one constant: Bindy. The character played by Grace S. is the same in every movie, just under a different name. Why then, does everyone around her change? And why does she not notice? Several theories exist to explain this phenomenon. 

Theory 1-

Bindy lost her sister tragically when she was young, later miscarried, and suffered a psychotic break as a result. The events of the films are all heavily distorted memories of her life, each using the only faces she is capable of remembering to reconstruct situations to justify all the bad things that happened.

Theory 2-

Everything happened as shown, but we recieve the story from a senile Bindy, who mixes up faces and names in her retelling.

Theory 3-

Bindy entered into a coma state at a young age, and dreams up the entire life she could have had using the only faces she remembers.

Theory 4-

Bindy and her friends are stuck in a time loop and keep being born as new people in a different setting every time. Bindy is the only one unaffected as she is somehow the eye of the storm, but she is oblivious to those changing around her.

Theory 5-

The entire movieverse is a game concoted by Bindy and her friends. With their help, she made videos based on dreams and life experiences she's had. It is the viewers job to determine which stories are real and which were dreams.