A character portrayed by Kelian D.  in ''Bindy the Intern''


Incredibly arrogant and vain, Fabio, also known as Chanel Number 5, also known as Chaz Bono, is CEO of Fashion? Wow! Industries. They have a passion for fashion, ordering others around, expensive coffee, and playing Subway Surfers. 

While initially unimpressed by intern Bindy, Fabio grew impressed with her fashion sense and ability to follow orders. They only fired her on principle, it wasn't personal.

General Facts-

Name in Film: Unknown, but mainly goes by Fabio and Chanel Number 5

Relations in Film: None

Age in Film: 27

Status at End: Fabulous


  • One of three characters to have an unknown name, including Miss Jenkins and Mother Smith.
  • Is genderfluid, and is fine with being addressed by any pronoun.