A character portrayed by Grace E. in Murder Mystery. Later revealed to be an elderly Bindy, after marrying and taking a different last name. It is unknown who her husband was.



Granny Smith is a cantakerous old woman, and very paranoid. She seems convinced that disaster will strike at any moment. When we are first introduced to her, she is in bed reading The Zombie Survival Guide, with a shotgun visible behind her bed.

She has a bad memory, whether from age or just a lack of attention is unknown. She barey acknowledges the existence of her own daughter within her house, and doesn't recall one of her granddaughters ever existing even after they pass.

General Facts-

Name in Film: Granny Smith

Relations in Film: Has daughter and two granddaughters

Age in Film: 87

Status at End: Deceased


  • This is the last film Bindy appears alive in, and the first film made with her character